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Friday, November 30, 2012

My (Ooh!) Boy Lollipop

Every school in Mdantsane has a candy corner which is a by the learners much frequented place. This is our last post for the Inkwenkwezi High School in NU 6 (for now) and we want to express our gratitude to all the teachers and learners who have spend time with us and allowed us to show to our readers the inside of a South African High School in a township.

Every school in Mdantsane has a candy corner much loved by the learners
Oh boy, some hearts are gonna break!
There was no time to ask for her name, so we are only going to show her beautiful face. But some  hearts are gonna break very soon and they will continue breaking. over the next few years.

Candy for a break
Candy For A Break

All sorts of candy is available at the tuck shops in Mdantsane schools
And there is more of it!

The girls of Inkwenkwezi High School in NU 6 are enjoying their candy break
Enough for everyone

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