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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

E N D A W E N I - Music Lounge And Butchery - The It Place In Mdantsane

The Endaweni Music Lounge and Butchery is a place that overlooks town.
It is the In-Place in Mdantsane at the moment. If you want to go out and have fun this is the place you should be heading for.

It is one of the few private double story buildings in Mdantsane

From the balcony on the upper level where you can have your drinks you can overlook the town and observe the street life below.

The two friends, African brothers and business partners Nceba and Thandile had a brilliant business idea approximately one and a half year ago. And their idea has paid out already!

Close Friends and Business Partners Thandile(left) and Nceba Kwakweni (right)

Nceba Kwakweni said to us that he is shy and that this is the first interview ever he is doing. But between you and me, I can tell you, that we could not find the shyness in him that he was talking about. In fact we had a lot of fun with him and his friend Thandile!
"Most of the people from the township drive to town if they want to be entertained and go out. There was no place here in Mdantsane, where people could meet, socialize and be entertained", says Nceba Kwakweni.
"So we decided let us build something here, so that the people stay in the township and find their entertainment here, instead of driving 25 minutes to town to go to a club".

Nceba Kwakweni Owner of Endaweni
As it was said so it was done. Endaweni is today an establishement that entertains people who come as far as from Jo'burg. The word has spread that Endaweni is a place where you can really chill out and have fun in township style.


"We have become what you could call an International Lounge", says Nceba, laughing. 

Building a successful business together

The business has become so successful that the two are building now a VIP lounge in the back.

Inside The Lounge

"The lounge has style and a certain class but we have not forgotten that we are in a township" says Thandile," we have a dress code but we are flexible with it. We allow shorts if they are stylish but we do not allow cut-off jeans and we do not like caps too much".

Lounging At Endaweni
"From eight to ten we are a lounge, from ten to twelve we have become a club and the rest of the night we are really a club", explains Nceba Kwakweni

DJ'ing equipment

We make music here, we get DJ's in to entertain our guests and this is a very great attraction" Thandile adds to the conversation, we get DJ's from Mdantsane. There is a lot of talent here"

We are getting the feeling. Endaweni is a place where you can chill out in a very friendly and warm atmosphere, watch people from the balcony without been watched.....

The street below is busy at all times

Well, sometimes not been seen does not work......

It a place with a great future and enormous potential. Thandile and Nceba have created an African success story, a Mdantsane success story!  

Check in on The Mdantsane Way tomorrow when Nceba Kwakweni shares with us his personal view on doing business,building a VIP lounge and having success in Mdantsane.

You should not miss a close up on his open air restaurant in the back!

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