Mdantsane is a unique, vibrating, eclectic, African place. Follow us on a pilgrimage to Mdantsane to discover the street culture, fashion, food, people, music, homes, taverns, humor, businesses, history and what's hot in the second biggest township in South-Africa, located close to the city of East London in the Province of the Eastern Cape. Join us on this journey while we capture the spirit of this amazing place for you in the here and in the now. We are going to introduce you to many individuals, artists, musicians, groups and associations.
They are the HEROES OF DAILY LIFE. They are the people who create, innovate and improve their life and their stories deserve to be told. This is a place for only good and positive stories of humanity, that will send out a message of courage, endurance and strength to the world through their pictures and words.

The Book


A Street Photography project in the second biggest township of South Africa - a photo documentary about African urban life in modern South Africa in form of a Coffee Table Book

The Mdantsane Way Coffee Table Book offers the reader an interesting journey through the second biggest township of South Africa, Mdantsane
Pages from the coffee table book THE MDANTSANE WAY

Product Description
A collaboration between a team of people from diverse backgrounds and nationalities, The Mdantsane Way offers the reader an interesting photographic journey through the second biggest township Mdantsane in South Africa. Mdantsane is situated close to the city of East London in the Province of the Eastern Cape and has a very special history.
It was established in 1962 under the framework of the Apartheid Regime and its purpose was to provide living space for cheap African labor coming from East London and the rural areas surrounding East London.
The first inhabitants who were living in Mdantsane were residents who had been removed by force from an area in East London called the East Bank. The East Bank was a multiracial area at the time.
In the following years further forced resettlements took place and Mdantsane grew rapidly into a big township developing its own character and life-style.

The Mdantsane Way guides the reader on a pilgrimage to discover the street culture, food, fashion, people, music, homes, taverns, humour and history. The reader is offered an insight into Urban African life and is introduced to many individuals, artists, groups, businesses and associations.

The author Isabella Fischer, living in Africa since many years, has collected the material for this book during a period of four years. In collaboration and with the technical assistance of Mrs. Pelisa Welemu, a Mdantsane resident and the founder of the only old age home in the township, the first photographic documentary about this so far un-discoveredand fascinating township has been created.

The Mdantsane Way is the first book of its kind, a coffee table book with striking photographic material, that has been carefully selected from an archive of over 10.000 images taken over time and powerful stories told in a simple but captivating way.
With 246 pages and hundreds of color photographs- many full page and covering a wide variety of themes - this harcover version offers the reader an insight into one of the most colorful and pulsating places in South Africa.

Most of all The Mdantsane Way is a way of life. The look and lay-out of The Mdantsane Way, designed by Onehitale Innocent Ugue, graphic designer and software developer and a Nigerian, residing since many years in South Africa, makes the book as colorful as Mdantsane itself.
Sit back and enjoy the vibrancy, stories, laughter and the hope of South Africa!

Author Isabella Fischer
First Edition March 2012
Dimensions 30 cm x 25 cm
printed on 160 mg matte paper

246 pages color photography with text
Hardcover cloth bound with straight spine
Dust jacket
ISBN 978-0-620-52885-6
DELIVERY TIME to international destinations from South Africa is 25 days, shipping world wide as registered and insured parcel.


Where and how to purchase

If you are interested in the EBOOK version you can follow the link below and purchase it on Amazon.com for your ebook reader. Downloadable to PC and iphone as well.
The Mdantsane Kindle Edition

The Hardcover Version can be bought by clicking on the following links:
purchase on ebay 
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or by sending us an email to chocolattnegro@gmail.com. We will send you an order form. This is the easiest way for South African costumers.

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As with the sales of our Mdantsane fine art photography prints 10 % of each book sale will be donated to the Ethembeni Old Age Home in Mdantsane. 

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  1. Well done. I salute your achievement. You make me proud to be an African. I want to discuss an idea with you for creating a feeling of unity, educating the youth and making money for your cause. My profile and contact details are easy to find. Google me.



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