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Saturday, June 12, 2010


Sidwell comes from Mdantsane but he works not there. 
He commutes to the business center of East London every day. Sidwell works as a car guard.
He lived once in Mdantsane but lost his house due to a fire that has destroyed a whole area there and moved to the informal settlement of Duncan Village where he built a shack and where he lives now. 
Duncan village has been recognized as an area that will be developed by the municipality in the future. For now there is only in certain sectors electricity and water.

In every town in South-Africa there are car guards.The car guards allocate certain streets between themselves and watch the cars. It is one of the big informal employment sectors in South Africa. How much you pay and what you give is up to you. There is no fixed rate.
To some they are the hounds from hell considered as robbing, stealing thieves that are a danger to society.
To others a non-avoidable nuisance.
But many appreciate their presence because they take care of the cars carry parcels for you if you have any and try to earn money and make a living like we all do.
Sidwell thinks he is 57 but is not sure of it.

He had tuberculosis and has been treated but he feels often sick and pays frequently visits to the public hospital. During his times of absence that he spends at the clinic he looses badly needed income because other car guards take over his place.
If he does not come back in time his street will be taken over by a younger guy.
And he thinks he is too old for this job.


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