Mdantsane is a unique, vibrating, eclectic, African place. Follow us on a pilgrimage to Mdantsane to discover the street culture, fashion, food, people, music, homes, taverns, humor, businesses, history and what's hot in the second biggest township in South-Africa, located close to the city of East London in the Province of the Eastern Cape. Join us on this journey while we capture the spirit of this amazing place for you in the here and in the now. We are going to introduce you to many individuals, artists, musicians, groups and associations.
They are the HEROES OF DAILY LIFE. They are the people who create, innovate and improve their life and their stories deserve to be told. This is a place for only good and positive stories of humanity, that will send out a message of courage, endurance and strength to the world through their pictures and words.



 If you are interested in advertising on The Mdantsane Way here are some helpful facts:

The Mdantsane Way is an online magazine profiling the second biggest township in South Africa, Mdantsane. We are focusing on lifestyle, design, travel, people and business topics. We have been featured in a wide range of travel, design and lifestyle online as well as print publications and in a variety of very popular design and travel blogs. The Mdantsane Way caters for young professionals and for already established businesses. Our site is an ideal place for businesses and indivduals from the Eastern Cape and especially from the East London area to advertise their products and services.
    800+ daily pageviews
    980,000 + total pageviews
    1,100+ followers on Twitter
    600 + followers on Facebook

Banner Ads (3 month minimum)
        Small (160 X 60): $30/ZAR 210 month
        Medium (160 X 160): $50/ZAR 350 month
        Large (160 X 240): $65/ ZAR 450 month

Text Links
 $180/ ZAR 1280 per year under “sponsored links”. 1 year minium for text links.

Apart from our standard advertising options we offer packages that are customizable to the specific needs of our clients. Some options include:
- advertorials
- banner advertising
- special home page advertising packages
- photo shoots and video clips/documentaries/films
- newsletter promotion

THE MDANTSANE WAY MAGAZINE is also very supportive of small businesses, artists and individuals from the arts,entertainment and fashion industry as well as non profit organizations.

To advertise in THE MDANTSANE WAY MAGAZINE, please contact us at chocolattnegro@gmail.com

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