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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Inkwenkwezi School And The Environmental Youth Club In NU 6


The Inkwenkwezi school in NU 6 is running a very special environmental initiative. Supported by the NGO WESSA the school has an environmental youth club consisting of volunteers from the school.

The beautiful view over NU 6 from the Inkwenkwezi school

Our team has encountered so many interesting individuals (old and young) and a lot of amazing stories, that we have decided to run a series of several stories on this school.We are giving you a short introduction today - but please do come back tomorrow because more stories and pictures will follow.

Inkwenkwezi means star in the Xhosa language.

The Principal Mr. John Amoah

The school is run by a very energetic and motivated man named Mr.John Amoah. Mr Amoah, the principal of the school was born in Ghana, got married to a South African woman and  has two children, of which one of them is married to a German national. He resides in South Africa since twenty years. So you can say a truly cosmopolitan individual. 

He explained to us, that he plays two roles in life. He is the principal of the Inkwenkwezi school and he is a pastor as well, who is engaged in a variety of community projects initiated and supported by his church in Mdantsane.

The Principal with his students after the exams

When we arrived at the school the exams were in full swing.

Students were just coming out of the classroom and the tension was high.

Music does always help to release tension!

Intense discussions took place everywhere: How did it go? How did you write?
Worries ? Sure!

The Principal looking at a poster that the volunteers of the environmental youth club have designed

And still, during this so important period for the students and the teachers we were received and welcome with great hospitality.

We were introduced to the environmental youth club by Melikaya Buti who is the project manager for education and training at Wessa - the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa.. Under his guidance the volunteers of the youth club learn about environmental issues and slowly they become more and more aware and conscious of the interdependence between man and earth.

Melikaya Buti

This initiative has some many positive aspects that it deserves much more exposure.

Jonas Krombach

But there is more to it than raising the awareness of young people for our environment. The project has an intercultural component as well. 
Theresa Ekpa and Jonas Krombach are two young German nationals who were sent by the German volunteer organization Weltwaerts. They are living with two host families in Mdantsane and they will stay a whole year in the kazi living amongst the people of Mdantsane!   

Theresa Weltwaerts volunteer

People of different nationalities and convictions are working together to change behaviour, motivate others and add value to Mdantsane's neighbourhood.

Cottage of the environmental youth club

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