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Sunday, February 28, 2010


Against some western beliefs ' SELF HELP " is a concept that is already embodied in African Societies and does not have to be taught to the people by developmental organizations.

" The situation of the senior citizens in this country requires that they be taken care of. As we look at this, we discovered that abuse starts at home and ends up in loan sharks. The chances of elderly people to have their freedom are minimized by exploitation, violence and insecurity. This is when we identified the problems they are facing. Some individuals were neglected because their children were suffering from HIV/AIDS and this affected the elderly people emotionally. As we worked closer with them we further noticed that some of them were abused because of their pension grant. Ethembeni helped most families around as some elderly people were left alone while their children were at work and their grand-children at school."

( Origin and Existence of the Ethembeni Old Age Home, Pelisa Welemu) 

Proud Care-givers in their uniforms at the Ethembeni Old Age Home

The Ethembeni Old Age Home has been our port of entry into Mdantsane and we would like to dedicate a chapter on this formidable institution.

The house in NU 2 were 28 old people have found a safe home

The Ethembeni Old Age Home was founded in august 2004 as a non-profit organization. Pelisa Welemu, the co-author of this book started cooking soup and sometimes lunch for elderly people of NU 2 in Mdantsane. The Uniting Reformed Church was approached the same year for their unused mission house. Services were offered to the elderly people and some of them decided to stay because they felt neglected and abused in their community and society. Beds and linen were borrowed from people who could and wanted to assist the home. 

A resident's room inside the home


But it gives much more than a mouth-full to the elders. It means security, shelter, care,company and warmth.

Most of all company with the ones that are like you and understand your needs, desires and hopes.

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