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They are the HEROES OF DAILY LIFE. They are the people who create, innovate and improve their life and their stories deserve to be told. This is a place for only good and positive stories of humanity, that will send out a message of courage, endurance and strength to the world through their pictures and words.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Sithembile Nqongqo says I can call him Jeffrey if his name is too difficult for me to pronounce.
I do prefer Sithembile. That's ok. And I do not have to call him Mr.Nqongqo because he is a really friendly person. I can call him by his first name. 

He is the African Tailor at Hi-Way with the blue measuring tape always hanging around his neck.

Sithembile sews on a slightly altered black Singer sewing machine with a sparkling silver label that dates back to the 1940's.

That is his shop. 
A cellphone advertising sign-board with the old Vodacom-Guy with the white beard, so very well known in South Africa, adorns the front of his working table.

His main business are alterations.
I do not design, he says

And these are three of his costumers waiting in his shop, keeping him company

Is he a good tailor, I ask ?

A single YES shooting from three mouths !

A dress for me he will make for " 2 clip" . That is 200 Rand.
But he is too busy now. 
He has got too much work, but can I can come at the end of the month?
So you are rich then? I ask. 
And he gives me a broad grin.

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