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Friday, September 28, 2012

Siseko Says

SiIseko Tose Tose Says

I met a while ago this fella, called Siseko Tose Tose. Grew up in Mdantsane. Spend a couple of years in Cape Town. Then came back to his home ground.
Siseko is indeed a very interesting guy and he has a few things to say. He does this on the African blogosphere.

One thing that can be said with certainty is that Siseko is never without his music and never ever will it happen, that you will see him without it. I can predict that. He is the kind of guy who carries a mobile home office stored in a huge backpack around. ALL the time! Enough me taking about him. Let us here now what he has to say about himself.
Siseko says about Siseko:
this [SisekoSay] is on a lighter side of things as you will figure it out as you bare witness.
i am not here to preach, front and show how intelligent [and lack of] or opinionated i am, i am on this
tip cause i can – so i will post it and you can read it / luckily there is an option for you to paste your comment about my opinion/s and frankly i dont really care if you dis-agree but if you do / hey :)
without further sounding like an uncle in a family gathering / lets do this
_remember if you say something stupid – you earn the right to be shot with a water pistol.
this blog is born on Father’s day / not on the 19th, on Father’s day – got it

That gives you an idea? Right? Intrigued? Yep, others call him fresh! Lets go and check it out.

Siseko blogs on wordpress and here is his link SISEKO SAYS

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