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Monday, September 17, 2012

Getting Your Soul Clapped in Mdantsane

We have the pleasure to present to you today an article written by second year journalism student Tukute Philasande. The Department of Media Studies of the Walter Sisulu Univesity in East London sends us from time to time articles, that are written by second year journalism students. 
"Soul Clap" fits perfectly the profile of our online maganzine and in our endeavour to promote and expose young talent in the Mdantsane we are publishing it today. 


Soul Clap sessions are a free entry fortnightly event on Wednesdays at Endaweni Lounge in Mdantsane NU6, which provide local artists with the much needed exposure.

The sessions were started by poet Thandeka Vabaza also known as Nkqo in 2010 to provide local poets, hip-hop and soul artists with a platform to show their talents while familiarising them with performing in front of an audience.

“The sessions are a platform where we encourage local artist to perform for their respective communities,” said Vabaza.
Sessions start at 8 pm and there are always headlining national acts such as My Man, Moonchild, and Ohayv, which inspire the local artists to believe that their dreams can also come true.
“I started the movement because of lack of understanding from our community as to what art is,” said Vabaza.
Among the artists who perform is Slulami Slujah Bunu, a member of Capital Effect, a soulful hip hop group from Mdantsane, and a solo act.
Slujah said: “The sessions have helped me grow musically and bond with my listeners.” They help artists to express themselves. “It’s live more than anything because you get criticised constructively.”
Xabiso Gqirana owner of Endaweni Lounge said that the venue has a capacity for about 80 people.

Slujah believes that there is room for improvement as “there is little space”. He suggested that a bigger venue is needed to accommodate more people as he believes still more people would like to come.
Akhona Mshiywa, a regular spectator, said: “The chemistry between people and the feel of performances are what drive me to attend the sessions.

Soul Clap sessions are proving to be a success unlike the sessions that were there before them which have ceased to exist.

According to Mshiywa discovering more poets is what brings more popularity to the sessions.Vabaza started the sessions with a clear vision in mind of what he wants to achieve. “I want to see sustainability in Eastern Cape artists,” he concluded. 

Article and Images by a 2nd year Walter Sisulu University journalism student Tukute Philasande /WSU

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