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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dance And Drama In Mdantsane - The Imonti Arts Company Under V.S.T.C

Acting and Dancing In Mdantsane

There is a lot of dance and drama in Mdantsane. You just have to look for it! Some of it takes place at the Mdantsane Arts Center, that is presently going through a revival period.

The Imonti Arts Company Under V.S.T.C
On our last visit to the center we surprised the "Imonti Art Company Under V.S.T.C" during a training session. The guys and girls of the Imonti Art Company were busy rehearsing a dance and drama play, that they have created themselves in the studio of the Arts Center. 
Their play is a mixture of dance, song and poetry.

Expressing the spirit of Mdantsane

A little bit surprised by our intrusion into their domain they did however not hesitate a minute to give us a taste of what they were working on. What we saw was pretty impressive!

Local Talent Made in Mdantsane

These young Mdantsanians are no amateurs. They have already traveled to Germany and performed there with their group before larger audiences.

Mandla Sanelisiswe
The group of young people share between them a whole range of talents, that combined make up a contemporary drama and dance performance, that has the power to mesmerize the spectator. Infatuating rhtymn and singing, dancing, stamping feet, mixed with poetry makes you keep your eyes on the actors. 

This is no boring drama and dance play, not one of those plays where you politely wait until the end has come and you take a deep breath when outside, lucky that you can go home. No, this is not one of those. This is Mdantsane's power and talent combined and you just wish they must continue to perform in front of you..

Member of the Imonti Arts Company
The group's performance covers topics that arise from the neighbourhood, they live in. Their stories talk about the daily life in Mdantsane.
And nobody is more qualified to talk about it than they are.

Masindwa Ntsingisela (right) is the poet of the group
After the rehearsal Masindwa Ntsingisela said: "Can I say a poem for you?"
His poem talked about young people that have choosen the way of crime as their career.

Born to be a dancer

Looking at the images we have uploaded for you, you can even feel a little bit of that intensity and passion, that showers the spectator.

You will be able to see more of them in our documentary movie "Mdantsane - Another African Story".

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