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Friday, November 1, 2013

Singing The Gospel - Mdantsane's Born And Bred Star Khanyisa Sabuka Nkantsu

We are proud to introduce you today to Gospel star-Khanyisa Sabuka Nkantsu because Khanyisa can not only sing but she is an impressive lady and a genuine Mdantsane product!
The article was written by a 2nd year WSU journalism student Annelisa Nkqubezelo.
Eastern Cape based gospel star Khanyisa Sabuka Nkantsu, born and bred in Mdantsane, continues inspiring many through her music. She now holds an honorary doctorate in music which she received from a Durban- based Bible College.
“As an artist it is very rewarding to know that people recognise your work and appreciate it.

I was very happy to receive this honour and this has motivated me to continue doing the best for my fans,” she said.
Her singing career began 35 years ago, at the age of seven. She sang in school choirs and dedicated her musical talent to the church. She is now one of the top gospel stars in the province.
Her career blossomed in 1995 when she became the lead vocalist of the once popular group Youth with Mission.
She went on achieving popularity across the country. She recorded her first solo album in 2003. She has now seven albums to her credit and has sold over 250 000 copies. She is a born again Christian who sings not only to entertain but to preach the gospel as well.

Mdantsane born and bred Gosperl Star
Khanyisa Nkantsu on stage – she is more than a gospel star. She is also a composer, a producer, an artist, a wife, a mother, a government employee and holds an honorary doctorate in music by a Durban-based Bible College. Image Anele Sabane

Besides her musical career she works in the Department of Social Development as a chief social worker. She graduated at Fort Hare University with social work honors. She continues to follow after her name “Khanyisa” which means bringing light. She brings hope to other people’s lives and lends a helping hand to local charities.
“I have been doing this job for the past 16 years and it is so rewarding to see a person smile just after you have finalised their social-grant application,” she said.
She lends a helping hand to local charities and has started a project where she visitsorphanage homes and delivers groceries. Khanyisa believes that God has blessed her to be a blessing to others.

For Khanyisa the road to the top has not been easy but she admits that her faith has kept her going. “Along the way I have met people who tried to discourage me but through believing in God I have been able to overcome all challenges,” she said.

Khanyisa comes from a religious background and both her parents are born-again Christians.
Her mother is the founder of the gospel group Christ Ambassadors. She has recorded her albums at YWB productions under the management of her brother Mzi Nkantsu.

Her brother Mzi Nkantsu said: “Khanyisa is a God-fearing woman; she is firm and stands for what she believes in. She is very involved in her ministry and her strong attitude helps her to have breakthroughs in life.”

Khanyisa is a composer, a producer, an artist, a wife, a mother and just an ordinary government employee. Regardless of her busy life she manages to create time for her family and ministers to her church and community.

She continues delivering the best for her fans. Her latest album “Amandla Ovuko”, which means power of resurrection, has been well received by her fans.
Her fan Xoliswa Gubela said: “When I feel down and need upliftment, I sing along and dance to her music as it revives my spirit. I can’t wait for another album. She is one of my favourite local artists who makes me love Gospel music even more.” – WSU-SNA

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  1. My mouth hung loose after reading this.I didn't know about this woman till now.She is a Gift from God.Look at her life story.I am flabbergasted,speechless.Her Music is the light to the heart.Her voice is the sunshine to the spirit.Her talent is a Gift to the world.Congratulations on Your achievements woman!I can only look up to her for inspiration.Amen!



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