Mdantsane is a unique, vibrating, eclectic, African place. Follow us on a pilgrimage to Mdantsane to discover the street culture, fashion, food, people, music, homes, taverns, humor, businesses, history and what's hot in the second biggest township in South-Africa, located close to the city of East London in the Province of the Eastern Cape. Join us on this journey while we capture the spirit of this amazing place for you in the here and in the now. We are going to introduce you to many individuals, artists, musicians, groups and associations.
They are the HEROES OF DAILY LIFE. They are the people who create, innovate and improve their life and their stories deserve to be told. This is a place for only good and positive stories of humanity, that will send out a message of courage, endurance and strength to the world through their pictures and words.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Throughout South-Africa you will find a sign saying : NO HAWKERS ALLOWED HERE!

But hawking or trading in the streets is simply another way of earning an income through the informal market.
Although there are Hawkers Associations in South Africa not all the vendors belong to one and rather prefer to stay on their own. Trading on the streets is like the blood that flows through the veins of Africa.
It's a long day job and there is always time for a laugh.

For sale here are potatoes and pumpkins. The writing on the bags is in English and Africans.

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  1. these pictures are so beautiful! i remember my stay in south africa (even though it has been 11 years!) and dream of returning soon. what an amazing country, and continent, and such good people.



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